Thursday, August 2, 2012

Emu Plains Stabling Yard project cancelled

I have found out that the Emu Plains Stabling yard project has been cancelled and the funds allocated for this project redirected into the Northwest and Southwest Raillines. 

So Penrith people miss out again.

Not only has there been huge amounts of money wasted on the current works... Let's not forget about the required costly studies. and what amount of money will the contracter sue the Government for?
if this does occur it will it result in our taxes being used to pay them out?

A biggest issue though, Penrith Station is not suitable for the new Waratah trains.
Questions come to mind.  What trains do we get???   will we be stuck with the rolling stokc that is Run down and unairconditioned?

The Project benefits Were
  • replace the current Penrith stabling yard, which is at capacity
  • improve service frequencies for Emu Plains customers
  • allow additional peak services on the Western Line
  • support the move to an all eight-car train fleet
  • support the new generation Waratah trains, providing capacity for future service growth
  • include a new platform at Emu Plains Station and modernised signalling between Emu Plains and Penrith to enhance train safety and reliability.
Up to 22 eight-car trains could be stabled at the proposed Emu Plains site. Trains would depart from the facility in the lead-up to the morning and evening peaks, and return at the conclusion of timetabled services. The stabling yard would operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and would consist of:
  • rail infrastructure (tracks, overhead wiring and support structures)
  • train operations
  • amenities for train crews
  • security structures (fences, gates, and CCTV)
  • communications and emergency equipment
  • staff car parking.
The project was a broader strategy to replace, upgrade and build additional stabling facilities across the network.

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